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Our digs are safe, efficient and less destructive than conventional methods.

Hydrovac Excavation in Medicine Hat

If you need to remove dirt and soil from the ground in the most efficient way possible, hydrovac is the best way to go. This process tends to be the go-to method for industrial customers based on the accuracy and speed it offers when compared to conventional shovel digs. The staff at C & K Trucking Inc provides hydro excavation around Medicine Hat for anyone in need.

Using pressurized water and an air vacuum, this non-mechanical and eco-friendly digging option is perfect for exposing utilities, slot trenching, piling holes, daylighting, and pretty much anything else. If the job is located in a congested or hard to reach area, our hydrovac equipment facilitates remote digging as the truck can be positioned at a distance from the actual dig site.

From backyard landscaping to large-scale construction projects, hydrovac services provided by C & K Trucking Inc can help save you time and money. Get in touch to book our services today.

We specialize in helping oil field, industrial, municipal, and residential customers alike.

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